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High-quality content that drives powerful brand awareness and lead generation for suppliers targeting medical lab directors and managers involved in the efficiency, safety, ongoing education, regulatory adherence, and cost-effectiveness for the clinical laboratory.

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Solving Marketers Biggest Challenges

Launch & Awareness
Launch & Awareness
Build awareness and generate excitement for new solutions and products.
Content Marketing
Content Marketing
Inform to engage and convert hardcore leads. Strategies that increase engagement and leads.
Engaged Sales Leads
Engaged Sales Leads
Driving a faster sales cycle.

Increase your sales with our help–through product messaging strategies and adept advertising programs.

Marketing Solutions


Guide your strategy, gain insights, stay ahead of the competition.

Lead Generation

Engage target audiences, generate and qualify leads through behavioral scoring to shorten the sales cycle.


Reach a large or hyper-targeted audience via display, newsletters, programmatic, native, and print options.


Leverage our audience data to increase your social engagement & conversions.


Rely on video to engage audiences, attract new prospects and tell your story with impact.

Marketing Services

Services that can help marketers break through roadblocks and execute successful strategies.

Expert Spotlight

  • Kristine Russell
    Kristine Russell Publisher & Executive Editor, Healthcare Group

    Kristine has been leading healthcare publications for 30 years, directing editorial content, events, newsletters and innovative digital platforms. She has deep expereience in all facets of media delivery and targeted marketing, leading media companies including two of her own. 

  • Marisa Williams Managing Editor

    Marisa earned her Masters in Writing at Johns Hopkins University while interning on Capitol Hill doing press communications for the National Association of Community Health Centers. She has 20 years as a journalist and has authored more than 100 independently published books.

  • Linda Wilson
    Linda Wilson Senior Editor

    Linda has been an editor in the healthcare industry for over 25 years, specializing in many facets of medicine and healthcare operations that include information technology, nursing and clinical diagnostics.


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Carol Vovcsko

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West, South & Illinois
Lora Harrell


Publisher & Executive Editor
Kristine Russell

Managing Editor
Marisa Williams

Senior Editor
Linda Wilson

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